COMBO SAVINGS 17″ Steel Music Rest with Universal Sustain Pedal


Take advantage of this combo price to get both the 17″ Steel music rest and a universal foot pedal for a low price.

17″ Steel Music Rest Description:
This silver colored metal frame music rest plugs into the two support holes on many Casio models.
Note: If your keyboard has a slot on the top, this will not fit!

Check your instrument for these support holes which should be spaced 17″ apart.
This is 8 1/4″ tall and can prop up and support a large, heavy music book.

Made in USA

Universal foot pedal description: Add rich, pleasing musical expression while you play with a sustain pedal. “Sustain” makes sound linger on after your fingers are removed from pressing the keys. It makes imperfect piano playing less choppy sounding and smooth. All acoustic pianos have this pedal on the floor on the right side. This pedal plugs into all Casios with the connection labelled “Sustain” or assignable jack. Its polarity switch allows use with all brands of electronic keyboards.